EMS Equipment Must Haves

By Ricochet Gear April 06, 2020

Being prepared to take on all of the obstacles that could potentially come your way is often more than half the battle when it comes to, well, pretty much any job, big or small.

If you're a chef, you probably shouldn't try to tackle cooking a four-course meal without a great set of knives.

As a plumber, yeah, you should probably have some wrenches with you when heading on a house call.

The term "tools of the trade" sticks for a reason – specific careers require certain pieces of equipment to be most successful. The list of occupations and associated gear could go on and on, and we know you get it by now. 

At Ricochet Manufacturing, as you may know, we don't deal with plumbing or the culinary arts. One of the areas we DO specialize in, though, is EMS equipment and First Responder PPE Gear.

Below, we have gathered some EMS Equipment MUST-HAVES for any time you head onto the ambulance, truck, or out into the field. A bunch of these recommendations will be quite evident and available directly from us here at Ricochet, while others will be available from companies that we trust or might be ones that are a bit more obscure or overlooked.

We hope you enjoy the list and please, let us know your favorite pieces of EMS gear or recommendations on our social media channels!


In our never-ending quest to help you Wear Something Safer, we are proud to offer three different sets of NFPA 1999-certified EMS PPE gear, jackets, and pants, all of which will provide complete protection and exceptional comfort in your everyday use.

Vantage II Series: For the EMS professional looking to have a high level of protection, with an amazing degree of customization, the Vantage II Series is for you. The jackets and pants boast W.L. GORE's CROSSTECH® EMS fabric barriers which provide liquid and bloodborne pathogen protection WITH a flame-resistant NOMEX shell. Not only that, but a wide variety of colors and options such as attached hoods, custom pockets, name badges, reflective lettering, and more are available too.

FrontLine EMS Series: With a soft yet durable, water-resistant CROSSTECH® EMS fabric two-layer shell, the FrontLine EMS™ series also maintains the same state-of-the-art liquid and bloodborne pathogen protection from W.L. Gore as the Vantage II series. With jacket and pant options available in Navy Blue, these custom-fit pieces are incredibly lightweight, breathable, and available at a great value. Ricochet's Frontline EMS™ series proves itself as an invaluable piece of gear that you should be considering during your EMS personal protective gear purchases.

RescueVIZ™: For those EMS professionals whose duties put them out more at night or in darker atmospheres, the RescueVIZ™ series should be high on your "must-have" list. Featuring many of the same lightweight and durable characteristics if the FrontLine EMS™ Series, the RescueVIZ™helps you stay highly-visible when it matters the most thanks to its vibrant Hi-Viz Yellow color, and 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective trim.


While Ricochet specializes in EMS PPE and firefighting turnout gear, we know that this equipment doesn't stand alone as the only tools or gear that medical and emergency professionals in the field will need. To further complete your EMS Equipment Must-Have Checklist, we also suggest having on your person:

You're going to need a ton of medical-specific items include a stethoscope, which you will use on every call and should be considered part of your uniform. Medical shears to cut away anything that people may be wearing or restricted by, including clothing, belts, or other items. And gloves…gloves…gloves…gloves. We know that you know how valuable tons of extra rubber gloves can be, so don't be caught without a fresh set when your current ones become torn or overly soiled.

Other items include a medical bag, to put all of these in, goggles, a gown to protect gear from contamination, boots, and a medical mask.

A Flashlight, such as the Streamlight ProTac series. No matter what time of the day your shift is, you always can be caught in the dark somehow, someway. Get yourself a light that allows for pupil and wound examination, can clip to your belt, is durable, and can run for hours and hours. Packing some extra single-use or rechargeable batteries (depending on the model you select) is never a bad idea either.

Don't forget a wristwatch, digital, or manual, that you can count on...literally. Again, preaching to the choir here, as we are sure you heard this during day one of EMT class, but yes- you need a durable and easy-to-read watch that is as tough as you are. These watches can range from tens to thousands of dollars, the latter of which we wouldn't recommend while wearing on the job, BUT…that's ultimately up to you.


As we're sure you are aware, no two days in the life of an emergency medical services professional are precisely alike. Some days go longer, way longer than others, or put you out at locations that might not be entirely familiar. During these adjustments, you must make sure you have anything you might need to compensate and stay cool, calm, and collected to do your best work still.

Take, for instance, a need for long-term or event-oriented deployment. Spontaneously erupting large-scale-events, such as natural disasters, could use your skillset and might result in you finding yourself away from home for hours, days, or weeks. To help prepare for those trips, making sure you have some often overlooked essentials in your bag is vital.

We don't know how you could in 2020, but don't forget to bring your cell phone AND your charger to stay in touch with family and friends during these deployments. Also, always remember to have plenty of water, and personal products such as soap, sunscreen, mosquito repellant and toothpaste. If you regularly take medication or other health supplements, parcel out your dosages accordingly and consider bringing MORE with you than you might need or that you anticipate needing. After all, it's easier going away for a few more days WITH something you need than not to have access to it at all.

As an EMS professional, your job is rarely, if ever simple. By preparing yourself day in and out by having the best PPE to wear, alongside the accessories and gear you could need daily or rarely, you are making the job perhaps just a little easier on yourself.

For more information on any of the above Ricochet EMS jackets, pants, or other accessories, get in touch with us by CLICKING HERE!

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