Structural Firefighting Gear Done Right

By Ricochet Gear August 05, 2020
At Ricochet, we know the importance of owning and being able to rely upon structural firefighting gear that is as tough as you are. Every day you are on the scene of a structural fire can be the most critical day in your life or the person you are there to help's. 

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the Philadelphia area, Ricochet has developed several lines of structural firefighting pants, coats, and accessories that exceed expectations for emergency rescue professionals across the globe. 

By working with real firefighters just like you, we have focused on enhancing long overlooked, and critical areas of our designs to become the best that they can be. We have made improvements to the safety, comfort, and performance of our custom-made lines of gear, including the M2 Prime and Response series, which have become the most trusted names in the business. 

From head to toe, here's are some recommendations to make sure your next set of structural firefighting gear is done right:


Our M2 (Maximum Mobility) Prime series comes in three shell/liner composites with top of the line fabrics chosen for superior heat protection and breathability, plus many optional added custom features. By targeting improvements to areas such as bulky collars, hem rise, restrictive knees and more, the Prime series looks to provide more mobility and dynamic ergonomics than other brands, while ensuring long-lasting security. Like the rest of our M2 series, these coats are custom sewn to your measurements to make sure they fit you properly and safely.

Not only that, but other custom details such as handwarmer pockets, fleece linings, lettering, name badges, and more can be added to the Prime AND Response series jackets, genuinely making them a total turnout gear package.


Like the M2 Prime series, the M2 Response series focuses more on a variety of features, a friendly price, and the ability to get the end-product to you FAST via the rapid turnaround program. Our M2 Response Pants, for instance, come in four exclusive shell/liner systems chosen for excellent heat protection, breathability, and value. They feature two Kevlar lined full bellows pockets, dual waist adjustment straps with hook and loop fasteners, and pant closure with hook and loop on the fly.

Your structural firefighting pants will also be custom-tailored to your specific measurements and boast some additional customizations from which to choose. You can select suspender snaps or buttons, gold or black knee reinforcements, Rescue System Pockets (instead of a full bellows pocket), and more! Make sure to pair yours with our Ricochet Adjustable H-Back Firefighting Suspenders to complete your structural firefighting pant configuration. Don't accept pants that don't fit, flex, or protect you how they should.

For full comparisons between the Maximum Mobility Prime and Response Series', you can check our online brochure on them by CLICKING HERE!


Last, but certainly not least, no structural firefighting gear setup is complete without considering some of the accessories to support your jacket and pants, namely: a hood and gloves.

While we always stock a few variations of readily-available hoods, one of the industry favorites that we carry in our online store is this GORE Particulate Gen2 Nomex Blend Hood. Available in both black and white, these hoods are crucial to your gear lineup, especially as new information about contaminants at fire scenes continually are unveiled. GORE hoods are known for their breathability and natural feel, meaning you will be less likely to succumb to heat stress due to this extra layer. Protect yourself from harmful particles and conditions without compromising your comfort- that is the goal here. 

Are you heading into a structural fire without gloves? Yeah, we didn't think so. Enter the Majestic Gauntlet Style firefighting glove. These leather gloves offer Kovenex® inner liners with actual flame resistance and heat blocking protection, bonded and sewn liners, and dexterity and finger-tip control engineering. You won't feel like you are losing your grip, or walking around with blocks of cement on your wrists, with these impressive gloves.

Designing structural firefighting gear is about just as easy as structural firefighting itself. But at Ricochet, we know that by listening to the plight of the real firefighter and offering custom fitting and state-of-the-art solutions, we can craft a more effective product that results in wins for everyone. For more information on the state-of-the-art structural firefighting coats, pants, and accessories that will exceed all of your department's needs, give your Ricochet Gear sales representative an email or call by CLICKING HERE today!