The Ricochet Lightweight Gear Guide

By Ricochet Gear June 29, 2020
Proper Protection. Less Stress. Friendly Pricing.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, Ricochet is proud to manufacture state-of-the-art firefighting and EMS garments here in the USA. One of the areas that we have seen a growing need for, and we have worked hard to be on the cutting edge on in particular, is lightweight turnout gear.

You might be thinking: “But why would one choose lightweight gear for their firefighters or emergency responders?”

Glad you asked. To help answer that, we’ve identified three areas and reasons in particular that Ricochet Lightweight Firefighting and Lightweight EMS gear options make them a perfect choice for emergency calls versus the traditional structural firefighting gear:


Whether you are heading into a burning building, extracting a passenger from an automobile accident, or are on a more basic EMT call (if there ever is such a thing) - you wear your specialized jacket and pants on calls overall for the PROTECTION factor.

Protection from flames. 

Protection from hazardous liquids. 

Protection from bloodborne pathogens. 

You need to shield your body from all of these things and more to make sure YOU don’t become the one needing rescue. Proper protection allows you to focus on doing your job 110%, and worry less about the “what ifs” that can take over the mind or the situation.

But how can you have lightweight firefighting and EMS gear that protects as efficiently as full turnout or structural fire gear? Aren’t most lightweight items flimsy and more prone to destruction?

Enter our Ricochet EMS FR Series. 

With two-layer construction, featuring an outer NOMEX® flame-resistant shell, and an inner fully-sealed EMS CROSSTECH® fabric hung liner, you will have shielding from the harshest of environments and conditions, without having to bulk up and slow yourself down necessarily.


Speaking of getting bulked up and slowed down, obviously, another one of the other top reasons to choose lightweight EMS gear is to reduce the amount of stress on your body, and thus, your mind.

By choosing Ricochet Gear products, like our NFPA dual certified Out Front® Technical Rescue Series, you can be wearing rescue jackets and pants that are up to 50% LIGHTER THAN OTHER BRANDS!

We know, as well as you do that the less there is to slow you down or cause unneeded stress on your body, in an already set of pressure-filled situations, you will be benefiting the people that you serve to the absolute highest degree.

Featuring a durable NOMEX® outer shell and CROSSTECH® SR moisture barrier, we built our Out Front® series for those command and support personnel who do not need the expensive and maintenance-intensive protection of full turnout gear.

Less weight, less stress, higher performance. All with our lightweight firefighting technical rescue gear.


Lastly, as we touched on above, maintenance and replacement of full turnout gear can be EXPENSIVE. According to the latest NFPA guidelines, full turnout gear should be replaced at least every ten years from the manufacturing date to ensure that it is performing at the highest peak of safety. 

If you have to buy for your entire department, and usually that happens a lot sooner than every decade, you are looking at some big bills to pay.

By having several full sets of lightweight EMS and firefighter gear on hand for your responders, sure, you might be paying a bit more upfront to get it. But, you maintain the integrity of your structural fire and full turnout gear sets even longer. You’re truly proactive instead of reactive by having your team wear what they need when they need it, while not forfeiting safety or comfort.

For a piece of lightweight gear that checks boxes under durability, breathability, and affordability- look no further than Ricochet’s NFPA-1999 certified FrontLine EMS™ Jackets and Pants. With a two-layer outer shell design featuring the same vapor permeable, bloodborne, and liquid pathogen rugged protection as the EMS FR series above, you’ll truly feel all the safety of a piece of more heavy-duty gear, without the heavy-duty price tag.

In closing, if you are looking to find out more about how Ricochet’s lines of lightweight EMS or lightweight firefighter turnout gear can be the solution for you or your department, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Ricochet representative or CLICK HERE today!