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Sourcewell Awarded Contract

PPE, Boots, Heltmers
The latest cooperative contract from Ricochet Manufacturing through Sourcewell offers your agency an expedited pathway. Contract No. 010424-RIC

State of New York State (“NYS”) Contract

Firefighting, Technical Rescue, and EMS PPE
Group No. and Description – 40061- Protective Outerwear (Firefighting, Emergency/Rescue and Safety) Stateside NYS Office of General Services (“OGS”) Contract No. PC67942

State of New Jersey Contract

Department of the Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property Procurement Bureau
Contract - T0790 17DPP00100 – Firefighter Protective Clothing & Equipment
Ricochet’s Contract Blanket # 17-FLEET-00828

United States Air Force

Structural and Proximity Gear
Ricochet was awarded, through ADS, Inc, Ricochet’s Federal Government and Military distribution partner, a contact to supply all of the Structural Fire and Proximity Fore gear for the USAF worldwide. We have shipped thousands of sets of gear to United States Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Bases all over the United States and the world.


Rescue Coats
Ricochet has provided hundreds of technical rescue coats to FDNY’s Rescues and Squads since 2011. The Technical Rescue coats are certified to NFPA 1951 (Rescue and Recovery Operations) and NFPA 1999 (EMS operations). The coats are worn during rescue operations, not involving structural fire situations, to provide less heat stress and more flexibility for the firefighters to perform duties in many different environments. Ricochet worked with FDNY’s R&D group to develop the specifications through wear trial and continuous refinement of the design to meet the needs of the members of FDNY.

Contracts and Key Customers

Honolulu Fire Department

RescueVIZ Jackets
Ricochet has supplied thousands of lightweight, high visibility EMS jackets to the Honolulu Fire Department since delivering the first 1,000 (+) jackets in 2008. Ricochet worked with Honolulu for several years providing wear trials and testing designs before being selected. HFD continues to be a customer today and we are working on a new order to support the recent COVID-19 Pandemic that has impacted Hawaii and the HFD.