Tough Gear And Tougher Minds

By Ricochet Gear January 12, 2021
Mental preparedness is vital for the success of any job deemed "mission-critical," and that, of course, includes any job we take in public safety.

Arriving on the scene with a negative frame of mind has the potential to put ourselves, our team members, and our customers into danger. This negative thought process can be exacerbated by being unaware of our PPE, its' functions, and its' limitations. 

At Ricochet, we feel that designing, engineering, and producing gear that is lightweight and breathable but tough and flexible can help you to fight psychological stress and fatigue through virtually any call or scene that you may encounter. Knowing that your PPE is there to protect you as much as possible from the potential hazards on the job can be a calming effect through the daily grind.

We will take a look at two of the product lines that can help you stay mentally prepared for your next call. Wearing Ricochet means wearing something safer: gear that you can trust, gear that is as tough as you are.


Mental fatigue can come at the hands of physical exhaustion. No matter how hard you fight it, if your body isn't hanging in there any longer, soon your mental state begins to deteriorate also, and vice versa. To help battle this dangerous occurrence, we at Ricochet have designed several gear lines that we consider lightweight and breathable. We know that having lightweight gear comes with less stress on your body but is designed to continue to provide a high degree of protection, helping you battle mental exhaustion and keeping your focus clearer, longer, and safer.

Our Out-Front® Technical Rescue Series, dual certified to NFPA 1951 and NFPA 1999, is, on average, a whole 50% lighter than standard structural fire gear!

We make this specific gear for just about every challenge we may face on the job other than fighting a live fire. We craft these pants and jackets featuring a durable NOMEX® outer shell and a CROSSTECH® SR moisture barrier. These features protect you from an entire list of potential hazards such as flash, chemical, bloodborne pathogen, and limited CBRN protection as outlined in NFPA 1999 and NFPA 1951 standards. These conditions mean lighter PPE, just as strong as your structural fire gear, only as protective, without entering live fire scenes, for any call other than confirmed fire.

Lightweight gear with superior protection means less weight on your shoulders so that your mind can focus on what counts.


It's essential to look at how the physical weight of turnout gear can impact your performance on the job and how believing in the product you wear can help you succeed. If you have full confidence that what you are wearing will keep you safe, you can keep your mind on the essential things during emergency operations.

For that very reason, we have developed and designed our Maximum Mobility concept with input from firefighters on the job to help to exceed the standard expectations of toughness and flexibility in standard structural fire gear. 

It's long been thought that structural gear needs to be stiff, heavy, uncomfortable, and cumbersome to provide maximum protection. We at Ricochet have found that this is not necessarily true. 

By examining some of the most critical areas that impact our gear, how it moves as we move, and what exactly makes it uncomfortable, we have worked for years to craft gear that improves upon mobility while still providing maximum safety. Specific parts of the garment, such as hem rise, sleeve migration, bulky collars, and restrictiveness within the crotch and knees, were all areas we examined and addressed. We also developed our custom design patterns to specialize segmented trims and liner reinforcements further, increasing thermal protection and reducing steam burns' potential.  

These unique and groundbreaking adjustments allow for increased flexibility (literally!) and a level of toughness unseen in other turnout gear lines. We genuinely believe that this can lead to increased mental preparedness and trust in your PPE, resulting in additional safety and positive outcomes during emergency operations.

Not many people can comprehend running into a burning building for a living, let alone doing it with a sense of mental toughness and awareness that allows you and the people you help get out safely. At Ricochet, we can not only comprehend it, but we can also utilize our years of knowledge, experience, dedication, and involvement with you to create tough, flexible, lightweight, and breathable turnout gear.

Choose Ricochet for gear made as tough as you are...mentally and physically. Wear something safer!

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