About Ricochet

Ricochet, a leading manufacturer of high-tech Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), prioritizes safety, performance, and comfort. All products surpass NFPA standards and are UL certified.

EMS Gear:
Ricochet offers premium EMS gear that is exceptionally comfortable, breathable, and protective. Certified to NFPA 1999, our garments provide superior liquid and bloodborne pathogen protection while remaining vapor permeable.

Technical Rescue Gear:
Our dual-certified Technical Rescue gear (NFPA 1951/1999) combines a rugged outer shell with abrasion and flame resistance. Ideal for various roles, including USAR, Technical Rescue, Chief, Officers, EMS personnel, and more, Ricochet gear ensures full protection at a fraction of the cost.

Structural Firefighting Gear:
Ricochet sets new standards in PPE with the M2 (Maximum Mobility™) design Structural Firefighting gear. Addressing common issues in turnout gear, our engineers have enhanced critical areas to provide unmatched comfort and protection for firefighters.

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All of our products are manufactured in our single master facility and headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
We have listened to our customers, first responders from all over the United States. We have taken your input seriously, and developed cutting edge technology with Anatomical Patterning. This pattern design, unique to Ricochet, provides PPE that works with the dynamics of the human body, providing Maximum Mobility™, with greater range of motion than any other turnouts on the market. Our Anatomical Patterns are engineered to reduce heat stress, hobbling, and fatigue, and designed to provide fit and comfort throughout all three layers of your gear. Contact us today for your own evaluation. Learn more about our Maximum Mobility™ (M²) Design
United States based PPE and garment manufacturers, Ricochet included, are required to purchase only NFPA compliant and UL certified fabrics for all layers of PPE. Currently there are approved fabrics from TenCate, Safety Components, Stedfast, Milliken, NorFab, W.L. GORE, 3M, and Orafil. With very few exceptions, these available materials are utilized by all PPE and garment manufacturers. For more information, please see our Materials Selection Guide.